For immediate release: Derrick the Deathfin not quite ready for immediate release

The more observant among you will have noticed that Derrick the Deathfin has not yet been released on PSN. The hyper-observant among you will have noticed that summer is almost over too. Add a bit of deductive power into your observational mix and you get this: Derrick has missed his promised summer release slot.

Never fear however! Derrick is very nearly ready, and should be available in the Autumn / Fall.

Derrick gets close to PlayStationDerrick gets close to PlayStation

Typically when game releases get pushed back a little bit the developers try to tell you the reason is that they need extra time to put “110% more awesome” into the game rather than the standard 100%. We here at Different Tuna know that such an excuse would fall far short of your collective expectations. WHICH IS WHY WE DECIDED TO PUT 123% EXTRA AMAZINGNESS INTO THE GAME IN ADDITION TO THAN THE STANDARD 110% AWESOMENESS BOOST PROMISED BY OTHER PUBLISHERS!

So: sorry for the little delay, but watch this space, as Derrick is looking sexier than ever & is coming for you soon!

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